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Who says you have to throw away photos that have your ex in them?

Boo to that I say! Boo!

Don’t throw them away!

Fix them!

Here is a Step-by-Step Guide to Fixing Photos Your Ex Ruined without scribbling on their faces…

Step-by-Step Guide to Fixing Photos Your Ex Ruined

1. Open the Photo in Paint

2. Find photo of a suitable replacement boyfriend

3. Poorly crop the suitable replacement boyfriend to fit into the photo your ex is ruining

4. Drag your poorly cropped replacement boyfriend on top of your ex and trim…

5. Problem solved! Now you can show off those pictures that you looked smokin’ hot in and that your ex was ruining this whole time!

Remember: The crappier the crop job, the better! If it’s too perfect you will look like a total, psycho celeb stalker. 😉

Here are my original “fixed photos” that I made before I made this tutorial and some additional tips.


Okay, so my Christian Bale and Wayne Brady photos are a dead giveaway that these are not really them or incredible look-alikes (aside from the gigantic heads).

When people ask you how this happened, save yourself by saying “whoa! My boyfriends totally wear the same clothes! How weird!”
Crises averted!

Please note: Doing this to your photos may cause excessive happiness. Although I highly recommend you try this method, this tutorial is meant to be funny. If you did not catch on to that, please leave this site immediately.