About Chantelle & Spot

When your parents have six kids, there are technically two middle children…imagine being the less favored of the two middle children…

I’m here to tell you, that I was the less favored of the two middle children.

Yes, that shit actually happens.

The youngest daughter and the oldest son of a dysfunctional Italian family, I was lucky to have a cute face, because my personality sucked for a majority of my early life, and occasionally still does…I’m human.

I live in Buffalo, New York and have one lovely little Japanese Chin named Spot, aka #Spotikisses. Spot is seven years old and despite being a small breed, he’s a really cool little man who has never bit an ankle, ever.

I speak sarcasm and laugh frequently, so should you, trust me.

Thanks for coming to my site and if you have any questions, feel free to contact me.