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Once upon a time, this was a magical place filled with reviews, giveaways, how-to articles, and more…but times have changed and so have I…

Stay tuned for the potential republishing of old posts, and the publishing of new posts – posts that are much more aligned to the person I’ve become, instead of the person that I was when I created this website in 2011.

Thanks for visiting and feel free to contact me in the meantime.

The last day with Britney…

Yesterday a very valued and beloved member of my family died…

She was my best friend for years, when I moved out of my parents house she became the best friend of my younger brother (Tony) and when he left she fell in love with my youngest brother (Michael).

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Homemade Pizza Dough Recipe

I have scoured the internet for a really good dough recipe, that is easy to make and doesn’t need a bread machine to make…I’ve got nothing. So finally I looked through my cooking bible and wah-lah, they have a super easy, amazing dough recipe in there. The recipe below is my modified version of their recipe.

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