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Yesterday a very valued and beloved member of my family died…

She was my best friend for years, when I moved out of my parents house she became the best friend of my younger brother (Tony) and when he left she fell in love with my youngest brother (Michael).

My best memories of Britney were when we were home alone because of a band concert for my siblings or something; I would gallop around the house and she would prance like a deer behind me. Occasionally I would climb onto the counter, she would bark like “get down!” and we would start galloping and prancing again. This routine would last for about an hour each time, but it was so much fun, I was laughing the whole time and she was so happy playing this “game”.

Britney (AKA Britfu, Britney-san, The Bear, Brittan, etc) was a German Shepherd, Lab and who knows what else mixed mutt.

It didn’t matter though, she was such a wonderful dog, sister, friend, guardian and so much more. With The Bear being almost 14 years old, we knew that this was coming, but nothing prepares you for the loss of a pet or any loved one for that matter. We found out late on Friday May 16th that she had Kidney Failure and possibly Cancer as well. I was lucky enough to get to spend time with her on Sunday and could not help but weep when I saw how frail and sick she looked, despite acting like a puppy for the longest time. I am not going into details on her symptoms, because they were pretty upsetting.

I feel the worst for my little brother Michael in all of this…two weeks ago he lost his cat Katie. I loved Katie despite her surprise bitch mode when she climbed my leg with her claws one day!

Yeah! CLAWS!!!

She was a really great cat though, that episode was a one time thing, that happened occasionally…yes. We still don’t know how Katie the cat died either, which is unsettling…but now Michael has lost his best friend.

Michael and Britney were inseparable! Whenever he went to school she would wait by the window and watch all day waiting for him to come home, if you even raised your voice to Michael or if you jokingly hit him she would bark and paw at you like she was nicely asking you to stop before she had to whoop your ass. It’s completely heartbreaking to me that he lost both of his pets within such a short time frame of each other. A good chunk of my crying has been for Michael and his losses. I know it will only make him stronger in the long run, but I still hate seeing him in pain.

I used to despise Michael (I’m such a jerk, I know!), it started when he was like 4 years old, I adored him as a baby/toddler though. He is 16 years old now and seeing him even a little sad or upset just kills me, I feel like a parent almost when those emotions hit me. I know everyone says this crap, but he is such a good kid, super smart and incredibly funny. When I lived with my parents after my divorce he was my best friend. We used to have late night cheese binges with Britney and Spotikisses. I would make him watch horror movies (sorry mom and dad….) in hopes that he would be scared, but he would just point out flaws in the story-line and pick on movies I actually liked while not being phased AT ALL…so we ended up switching to comedy. (insert annoyed face here)

Anyways…Monday morning they brought Britney to the vet and the vet stopped her suffering. My little brother said he kissed her as she slumped down and I’m sure that was so comforting to her to have him there since she loved him so much. Honestly I am so happy that I got to spend one last day with Britney on Sunday even though seeing her so sick broke my heart.

Britney was loved by so many people and although she was a crazy, obnoxious puppy, she quickly became one of the best family dogs we have EVER had (and my family has had some great dogs!)!

So rest in peace little Britneyfu, you will be missed by many, but we will never stop loving you.

Much Love,